ADESTIS and VMware

Already in 2001 ADESTIS started to work with the products of VMware, at that time the GSX server. Over the years experience has been gained with several other products, such as VMware Server, ESX Server and vCenter, as well as VMware Workstation. Initially, the products were only used by ADESTIS, but later they were also distributed and ADESTIS became a VMware Solution Provider. When the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) was launched, ADESTIS expanded its partnership with VMware. The name of this partnership and its function has been changed several times over time.

When VMware also wanted to go into the hosting business and called this service vCloud Air, the name of the partnership changed to vCloud Air Network (vCAN) and ADESTIS were further options such as disaster recovery enabled. Since many partners felt threatened by VMware's competition and did not jump on the vCAN train and VMware also did not reach the hoped-for goals, the program was completely reworked.
The result was the VMware Cloud Provider Program. This allows ADESTIS to offer its own hosting / cloud services, as well as to use VMware Cloud services on Hyperscalers (for example, VMware Cloud on AWS), as well as to provide other managed services to the customer.
We are proud that over time we have become a professional partner and then an enterprise partner.

However, we are especially pleased that in mid-2019 we received the VMware Cloud Verified award, as one of the world's 70 providers, and Germany's second partner.

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