The details

For Dometic we developed a comprehensive concept with Dedicated Private Cloud as a bare metal variant with managed hardware, managed network and managed storage. The equipment was and is rented by us, network components and storage as a service are also provided by us. In order to be fast in migrating the data and to get along without significant downtime, we worked with a Recovery as a Service application from our partner Zerto. The migration of all company data could thus almost completely run in the background, which reduced the downtime to only a few minutes and thus not the business disruption. We are proud that in the meantime we are also acting as Internet provider for Dometic and are the company's Europe-wide access point. Through the expertise of our in-house ADESTIS Cloud, we can flexibly support the customer, for example, by providing knowledge and manpower when particularly tricky tasks can not be presented to the customer or the competence is lacking.

The customer feedback

»We have a very good working relationship with ADESTIS, it is a great company! Especially our technicians are very happy about the cooperation, because ADESTIS have an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and actively think about what makes our lives much easier. They meet all our needs and are very quick to come up with solutions when we have a problem. During the restructuring, it was noticeable that some server rooms were literal broom closets. I am glad that we now have the absolute maximum security for our company data.«

Robert Lehew, Dometic Global Infrastructure Manager

The customer advantage

The customer now has no acquisition costs, but only operational costs (Capex vs. Opex). If additional services have to be booked, only the monthly rate increases. At Dometic, this resulted in more transparency in the costs of IT, since they can now be quantified accurately and no longer go down as undocumented internal costs. Our ADESTIS service catalog makes it clear from the outset which service costs what. In addition, the customer does not have to constantly be up-to-date with their hardware and can concentrate on their core business.


When we combined all the resources, as expected, some synergy effects appeared, so that now the entire digital world of Dometic on a few servers running on site. In general, it is very important to us to always offer our customers the highest possible safety standard. For this purpose, we only work together with state-of-the-art high-security data centers that fulfill the strict requirements of data center certification.

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