On our initiative we worked together with the client to develop a robust and growing variant in all respects and as a completely supervised package with high availability, scaling in every direction, impeccable performance, monitoring of the infrastructure and consulting of the programmers.

The details

After sound advice, we rebuilt the existing system into a scale-out platform. The advantage of this type of platform is that it can be scaled up at any time to accommodate, for example, spontaneously increased performance demands on new marketing campaigns. Maintenance can also be performed at any time without disturbing the live operation.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the platform always functions properly: for example, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) has been used to achieve very short paging times so that scripts, pictures and videos can be accessed quickly and easily at any time worldwide. The customer environment runs on our own ADESTIS Cloud and has been distributed to various certified data centers for security and performance reasons. It was also ruled out that there will ever be a so-called single point of failure.

All planned measures were and will be evaluated by tests. We divided the platform into a test, a stage and a productive environment. Thus, both functional and performance tests of new releases are possible without disturbing the productive environment.

The customer feedback

»It's always a challenge for a company to be at the forefront of this business. We sell very responsive and expensive products, so our digital platform is so important to our sales and our success. We need a stable communication system and we need stable hosting for that. The main mission of ADESTIS is to ensure our business continuity. Many frowns over the fact that we entrust our most important project as a large, international company of a rather small company from Germany. But ADESTIS enjoys our full confidence - we love ADESTIS! They have a great working attitude combined with incredibly large and well-founded knowledge and they are very proactive. What's really amazing is their speed at absolutely everything! When we have a problem, their reaction is almost immediate. We can call at night anytime and the problem is usually resolved within an hour. They are able to accomplish true miracles in no time and have been our salvation in many situations.«

Tobias Bergström, Director Digital Media, Thule Group

The customer advantage

With his »managed« - that is, completely managed by us - solution the customer can concentrate on his own tasks in a relaxed manner and has no trouble selecting and coordinating different programmers for different tasks. As a technical link to the developers on site, we can judge whether the implementation really suits the customer in the best possible way. By looking after customers over a longer period of time, we often combine the exclusive knowledge of several employees who have since moved on. Not infrequently, we are the only constant of a company, which has proven in many situations to be very helpful. And last but not least, smooth access to all relevant information about the customer and his products creates a high degree of consumer credibility.


Our hobby is always to keep our customers up to date with all technical possibilities to get the maximum security for him. This is a continuous and valued process by the Thule Group and so we are now closely involved in the project planning from the outset. In many areas we even enjoy a certain fool's freedom, because the customer knows that we only suggest things that are worthwhile for him. This gives us the freedom to do exactly what we do best: to make complex issues as simple as possible and to benefit our customers in the best possible way.