What do I get?

  • Assistance in meeting legal requirements (EU-DSGVO, GoBD)
  • Legal and audit-proof e-mail archiving according to all legal requirements
  • Easy recovery of emails in their original state
  • Full-text search in the e-mail archive by the end user himself
  • Additional backup of all archive data in a separate data center
  • Storage space according to your needs
  • Storage and processing in German data centers
  • Outlook plugin and support for mobile devices

What do I get from that?

  • They fulfill all legal requirements regarding the EU-DSGVO and the GoBD
  • You do not have to worry about implementing a suitable solution yourself - we take care of that for you!
  • Your emails are safe in German data centers and for a very long time - if you want to...

How should I imagine that?

  • First and foremost we have the advice, we do not just sell you an archiving program, you get a solution from us!
  • Of course, we also have turnkey solutions in our portfolio.
  • We take over the setup and operation of your solution in our data centers.

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