What do I get?

  • A completely flexible compilation of all services from CPU to main memory.
  • High availability including automatic load balancing.
  • Maximum reliability because the cloud is spread across multiple locations. These sites have been carefully selected by us, providing multiple power and network redundancies, automatic firefighting, secure access and much more.
  • Your data remains exclusively in Germany.
  • For a comprehensive compilation of all our service modules, please contact us directly (contact form)

.. or in other words: a tailor-made all-round carefree package.


What do I get from that?

  • You only pay for what you really use.
  • They have no purchase costs and there are no hidden costs.
  • We will relieve you of unpleasant work and you and your employees can finally take care of their core tasks.
  • A relief in financial planning: Capex vs. Opex


How should I imagine that?

  • Clear presentation of your cloud environment
  • Informative detailed information about the resources used
  • Convenient management of virtual machines
  • Administration of network components

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