Your problem

  • No time
  • Lack of expert know-how on new technologies
  • Rising personnel costs due to a shortage of skilled workers
  • Rising hardware acquisition costs
  • Increasing system complexity
  • Growing infrastructure requires more specialized personnel
  • Risk of downtime and data loss due to obsolete systems

Our solution

  • Advice on current topics
    • Cloud Computing
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Implementation and operation
    • "Support at all levels"
    • Cooperation based on partnership (we supplement your employees and do not replace them)
  • Use of cloud computing replaces acquisition costs
    Leverage the resources of cloud environments, like the ADESTIS Cloud, instead of buying new ones
  • Reduce downtime with disaster recovery solutions
  • Avoiding data loss through Backup-as-a-Service solutions

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