This is ADESTIS.


You entrust us with the security and performance of your business processes – true values indeed. In return, we offer ours: Expertise in cloud hosting and software development that's in high demand across Europe. Certifications ranging from ISO 27001 to IDW. „Made in Germany“ as a hallmark of quality. Continuously updated knowledge in business-critical IT topics – and an almost obsessive dedication to the ultimate problem-solving.


ADESTIS is also a reflection of the rapid digitalization in this millennium. Founded in 2000 by Jörn Braune and Dirk Schiffner, our mission has always been to lead the way as service providers and problem solvers. Every major shift is a motivation for us, every disruption a „Business Opportunity.“

However, there's one crucial constant: We are and will remain owner-managed and independent. This allows us to grow through our own efforts and embody the ADESTIS philosophy for our clients – „Passion as a Service“.


Attitude and values

We believe the times when entrepreneurship revolved solely around profit are over. In fact, for ADESTIS, such times never existed. We are a team where people matter, as they are the ones driving our business. We work with our clients in fair relationships – as a reliable partner who expects fair and transparent remuneration for good work.

What we do isn't confined to the realm of ADESTIS alone. We are committed to sustainability and document our progress. And we are actively involved in social causes. This is because we believe that people facing more challenging circumstances have the same right to participation, joy in life, and equal opportunities as we do.