At a glance
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End-to-end solved
We take a holistic approach to digitalization – with the core elements of software development, operation in the cloud and security.
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20+ years of experience
We have been anticipating automation in software development since 2001 and are still at the forefront of current software trends today.
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Modular and scalable
You can choose from various options – whether complete or individual service, multicloud or private cloud from ADESTIS.


What is your challenge?

No matter what you want to do in our digitalized world: The key is always software.

Suppose you want to provide your customers or employees with a customized application "as-a-service" – an HR tool, smart home software, a preventive machine maintenance solution …

Then you need three things to succeed: The specialist knowledge of your processes and customer relationships. The translation of your requirements into software – and, closely linked to this, the development and operation of a secure, stable cloud solution.



Why software development is more than just programming

We provide you with „Consulting, Coding & Cloud“ as a conceptual unit: consulting and software development with operational know-how included. How do you benefit from this - regardless of whether you really want to take advantage of everything?

  • For your solution to run smoothly and securely in the cloud, it must be „cloud-native“. We are experienced in programming operating rules into the software so that they run automatically later on. Experts talk about „Policy as Code“, „Governance as Code“ or „Security as Code”.
  • Our expertise in these areas is no coincidence – and automation in software is more than just a trend for us: we have been successfully working on this for major players since 2001.
  • When we advise you and develop software, we always do so with the background of many years of cloud hosting. And vice versa: our experience as software architects also plays a role in cloud hosting. You will appreciate this combined know-how at the latest after your first "as-a-Service" project.

Service as desired and required – we are open to everything

Book us modularly for what you need us for – as a software service provider, as part of your team, as a full-service provider.

  • Do you want to get the entire process from a single source and focus on other topics? Then we would be happy to be your all-round, worry-free team — from consulting to project management to cloud hosting.
  • You would like to operate the solution yourself, but you lack development capacity? We then create and document your software as a modular performance module.
  • Do you need advice on specific questions such as Kubernetes, Edge, Security or technologies like Zerto? Benefit from the certified know-how of our consultants. You can freely define which services you and your development team and your IT will take on.
  • Are you looking for support when it comes to low-code or no-code programming? Or do you want to build your own development environment? Here too, we offer you support based on partnership.

For your decision:


  • The choice is yours - with our services as well as the cloud variants. From „Private Cloud“ to „Multi Cloud“, you can start with any cloud type - and scale seamlessly as your demands grow. Or we can combine two cloud types to suit your needs. We will also be happy to advise you on this.
  • You play it safe: Security is a core and heartfelt issue for us. Visible through our participation in a partner company with which we want to be constantly at the forefront of current knowledge in IT, cloud and data security.
  • You are important to us: Software development and operation are always individual tasks. When solving them, you can rely not only on our professional expertise - but also on the personal commitment that sets us apart from many others.