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Kubernetes –
is often a resource issue
Kubernetes is almost a must for orchestrating software containers and building cloud-native software. However, many companies lack the resources to implement it.
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Teamwork – Relief
for your developers
We offer you an efficient division of labor: support and guidance in the development and deployment of Kubernetes applications – Operation as a secure and stable Managed Cloud.
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Competence –
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In all of this, you benefit from ADESTIS know-how from the very beginning, documented in corresponding certifications.


What is your challenge?

More and more companies want to take advantage of the benefits of Kubernetes: efficient orchestration of containers, scalability of software products, higher availability for updates. Last but not least, Kubernetes makes applications „cloud-native“ so that they can be hosted flexibly in different cloud environments. Are these also your goals? But lack the capacity and know-how to implement them?


How does your software become „Kubernetes-ready“ with ADESTIS?

ADESTIS supports your Kubernetes Readiness in both development and operation. For instance, one model could be that we design Kubernetes architectures allowing development teams to verify various scenarios: How does the solution perform on database A, B, or C? What does the new version X.0 offer? How can we work with Kubernetes on demand?

The developers then carry out the deployment themselves – intuitively and confidently guided via the ADESTIS Self-Service Portal. All in the spirit of Kubernetes, which literally means „helmsman“ in Ancient Greek.

Fully-managed Kubernetes – secure, stable and seemingly simple

For operations, we offer you fully-managed Kubernetes: Don't spend your energy and manpower on container orchestration, managing Kubernetes clusters, or ensuring secure and stable operations. All this is securely handled under ADESTIS’s expert care. And believe us – it's complex. Even if it doesn't seem so when you leave the service to us.


For your decision:


Many certified experts at ADESTIS have been Kubernetes pioneers from the very beginning. We have been involved with virtualization in general for more than 20 years. Many years of expertise, top motivation for new technologies and our proven focus on security speak for a successful Kubernetes partnership with you.