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Innovation + Compliance
Thanks to Sovereign Cloud, users with sensitive data can also benefit from the dynamics of the cloud – while ensuring full GDPR compliance.
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3 Levels
The ADESTIS Sovereign Cloud meets the highest level of requirements for a sovereign cloud: 1. EU-wide compliance. 2. Data storage in Germany 3. Operation by a German company.
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ISO 27001
Our certification and various audits are our hard currency – the passion of our entire team is the decisive add-on.


What is your challenge?

Industries with particularly sensitive data face a balancing act when it comes to their digital transformation: Securing long-term innovative strength and competitiveness clearly speaks in favor of the increased use of the cloud. At the same time, data storage, archiving and transactions must meet the strict European and company compliance requirements.

Gaia‑X – the European project for a networked and secure data infrastructure – is intended to help untie the knot. Among other things, it defines standards for the implementation of a provider-independent „Sovereign Cloud”: Here, the user / owner alone has all control over the data and its usability, without an external administrator being able to intervene.



Why are you, as a Sovereign Cloud user, truly sovereign with ADESTIS?

Many companies – including non-European hyperscalers – advertise that they meet the Gaia‑X standards for a sovereign cloud. As a rule, however, only the lowest level is reached: compliance with European standards.

Of course, ADESTIS also guarantees Level 2 - hosting only in the respective European country, in our case Germany - and Level 3, according to which the hosting provider of a Sovereign Cloud must be a purely European company.

ISO 27001 & Co.: If you trust certificates more than marketing

At ADESTIS you have access to a completely isolated, dedicated environment in exclusively German data centers. These are also only run by German companies. We are ISO 27001 certified and regularly undergo audits according to IDW PS 951 Type 2 and at European level ISAE 3402 Type 2, which provides you with proof of effectiveness. The implementation of your solution corresponds to the Gaia‑X reference architecture.


For your decision:


ADESTIS not only offers you hard proof of certified Sovereign Cloud hosting according to ISO 27001. There are also two factors that are anything but soft: firstly, our many years of experience as a cloud provider in data-sensitive industries such as the financial sector or critical infrastructure, including detailed knowledge of the requirements (e.g. Bafin, KRITIS). On the other hand, the fact that ADESTIS is and will remain owner-managed. Interests and influences of external stakeholders or investors are not entertained in our company.

What is the sovereign cloud?

With the Sovereign Cloud it is guaranteed that the data stays in the country in which it was generated. Sovereignty and control over this data remains entirely with the owner, without third parties being able or permitted to access it.

The prerequisite for this is that the data hosted in the cloud is only stored and managed in the respective country - in compliance with the data protection regulations applicable there, such as the GDPR within the European Union.

In the most consistent form, the operators of the Sovereign Cloud and the infrastructure are only resident, registered and taxable in the respective country. They have no shareholders from other countries and can regularly demonstrate compliance with important regulations in their country and region (e.g. EU).

For which industries is the Sovereign Cloud important? Some examples:
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector
  • Operators of critical infrastructure
  • Defense
  • Finance and insurance
ADESTIS services for the Sovereign Cloud
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Backup
Fact Sheet: ADESTIS certifications and audits


  • ISO 27001


  • IDW PS951 Type 2
  • ISAE 3402 Type 2