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More than just a trend
The importance of Kubernetes in development projects is growing continuously.
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High requirements
Setting up and operating a Kubernetes environment requires significant – and not readily available – specialist know-how.
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Almost like streaming
ADESTIS provides you with Kubernetes-as-a-Service without having to worry about your infrastructure – including professional security.


Why Kubernetes as-a-Service?

As the size and complexity of software projects grows, so does the challenge of orchestrating applications efficiently. More and more companies are therefore turning to automation with Kubernetes. However, setting up and operating a Kubernetes infrastructure is anything but a „no-brainer“ – especially if security is to be given the role it deserves.



Fully Managed Kubernetes – secure, stable, performant

ADESTIS offers you the entire package of Fully Managed Kubernetes. This starts with the design of the environment and leads to secure and stable operation. In this way, we create the conditions for your development and IT teams to concentrate on the productive core tasks and drive the project forward.

Furthermore, you can be assured that your Kubernetes environment will be automatically monitored, reviewed, audited, and protected throughout its entire lifecycle: Together with our strategic partner Avolens, we implement Managed Kubernetes Security that you can rely on with certainty.


For your decision:


Kubernetes has been a core topic for ADESTIS for many years – closely intertwined with our experience in operating customized cloud environments. With security, a third aspect has been added that gives our customers confidence: When it comes to Kubernetes, choose ADESTIS. Opt for comfort and stability as-a-Service.