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60% of companies
that lose critical business data cease operations within 6 months of the loss. What is the right way to quickly restore data and business processes?
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ADESTIS offers BaaS
and DRaaS
Backup as-a-Service or Disaster Recovery as-a-Service – with secure hosting in Germany. Upfront, we work with you to develop the individually right solution in the appropriate dimension.
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Business Continuity
If an emergency occurs, we act quickly, calmly and with a plan. So that the shock passes quickly and your business continues.


What is your challenge?

When data is gone, the nitty-gritty of the company's values ​​comes into play. Whether due to a ransomware attack, hardware defect or human error: every day of business interruption costs a lot of money and often even more trust.

Which strategic decision should you make for your company in order to quickly and seamlessly restore its ability to act? Develop capacities, technologies and skills for business continuity yourself? Or use it safely „as-a-Service“?



Secure, convenient business continuity from the ADESTIS cloud

A business continuity solution as an ADESTIS service has good arguments for itself: secure hosting of your solution in Germany; binding agreements on the scope and period of data recovery (recovery point objective or recovery time objective); Freely scalable computing so you only pay for what you really need. And last but not least, a steady hand and immediate action in the event of an incident.

There's always just one right Business Continuity solution: Yours

Everything starts with clarifying which solution model is appropriate for you in which dimension. Based on your individual circumstances, our experts define the requirements and subsequently your right business continuity solution:

Backup as-a-Service (BaaS) is the more economical and sufficient model if a certain amount of downtime and data loss can be tolerated.

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) plays in a completely different league when it comes to the level of mission-critical applications and the protection class of the services.

The same applies to the physical location of a BaaS solution - as a secure cloud solution, on-premises solution at your premises or in addition to your on-site primary backup - we listen, evaluate and develop the solution that optimally meets your requirements .


For your decision:


First, because with us, individual consulting comes before the solution. And second, because we are simply there in case of emergency. Serious data recovery means checking and reconnecting system by system. We are happy to invest time, routine and our profound understanding of your business processes.

We know what we're doing. Documented by certificates such as ISO 27001. Hosting in Germany guarantees you that the stored data will not go anywhere. And there is another factor: that „real people“ are at your side and act decisively and calmly so that your business operations can continue quickly. Heart to heart: With which hyperscaler can you book all of this?

BaaS or DRaas – what when?

Two factors are crucial when setting the course for BaaS vs. DRaaS: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

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Recovery Time Objective (RTO)Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
The maximum data recovery period, which is the time between data loss and the time the data is restored
The maximum period during which data can be lost, i.e. the period between the last backup and the time of data loss
Key question
How quickly does your data need to be available again?
What is the maximum amount of data loss you can tolerate?

If your goal is to recover data within several days to a few weeks (for very large amounts of data):

> BaaS

If you need your recovered data within seconds or minutes:

> DRaaS

If the last backup performed was a few seconds to a few hours ago:

> BaaS

If the goal is: A few seconds to a few hours:

> DRaaS

This first rough Selection Guide is for your orientation – but of course cannot replace personal consulting. Especially not in the case of particularly sensitive data.

Please contact us: We are happy to take the time and use our many years of experience to work together to develop an individual solution concept for your requirements.

Get in touch – get advice!