Whether trainee or professional:
Here is your job.

Movers prefer Casual 

Nice that you are interested in ADESTIS! Even better if we can convince you that you are in the right team, in the right place, in the right job. And by the way: There are reasons why we are so free to use your first name here - we do the same thing at work. Because that's who we are. Open, hands-on and always with an eye for others.

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Corporate culture 

In our industry you can only be among the best if you allow the best. When you open up space for top performance and personal initiative. The focus is on doing - instead of on hierarchical games and long self-discovery processes.

We think that focus on work and relaxed get-togethers at a spontaneous barbecue party on our terrace belong together. We are critical and self-critical when it comes to what is best for the customer. And we are happy in what we do - but not easily satisfied.

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Good to know – FAQs for your
Future at ADESTIS

Perhaps one of the following points is close to your heart – our answers will provide you with initial insights. We're happy to discuss everything else in a personal conversation!

What do you think about further training?Down Arrow

  • We're huge fans. Staying ahead is everything. And we're thrilled about your drive for self-improvement. That's why we're more than happy to give you the space you need to ramp up your skills. It's a boost for you, us, and our clients – a triple win!

Do you offer apprenticeships?Down Arrow

  • Absolutely! Apprentices are our experts of tomorrow. If you love software and IT, if you're not looking for just another 'ordinary' job, and if you value a great team – then feel free to apply with us. Anytime. This goes for internships and work-study programs too, even without a job posting.

Do you have a policy for overtime?Down Arrow

  • Counter-question: Why? For us, the well-earned time off is what counts. We ask from our team what they are (well) paid for – and what they are passionate about: outstanding work. No more, no less.

Who will listen to me if I have a concern?Down Arrow

  • Anyone you want to. We don’t believe in outdated hierarchies. We’re on a first-name basis. We know each other. We trust each other. Whether it's a founder or an apprentice: we can and should say everything to each other. Be it in the office or at our regular BBQs on our terrace.

And how do I get to you?Down Arrow

  • For your application, please use our contact form. Write us briefly about who you are, your qualifications, the job you are seeking – and feel free to mention what specifically interests you about ADESTIS. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at: jobs@adestis.de.