The partnership
1 + 1 is more than 2

Avolens and ADESTIS are strategic partners whose competencies ideally complement each other in the areas of cloud security and managed Kubernetes security - and thus create more value than through simple addition. You benefit from our joint offer on these topics:

  • Outsourcing applications and processes to the cloud
  • Setting up managed Kubernetes environments

The aspiration:

Make Compliance „Manageable“

Secure compliance with policy and governance is a complex task that can be completed much more efficiently, quickly and securely using automated tools - especially in larger infrastructures. In addition to the manufacturers' native tools, Avolens supports cloud operations with an innovative solution in which compliance with regulatory requirements is an integral part of the software code (policy-as-code, governance-as-code).


The Solution:

Built-in security in managed infrastructures

ADESTIS integrates the Avolens solution into its cloud hosting and managed Kubernetes infrastructures. As our customer, you can therefore rely on the fact that regulatory requirements are not only adhered to, but that violations of these requirements will also be systematically ruled out in the future.

About Avolens

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Consulting and product development in the areas of cloud security and managed Kubernetes security