Powered by Lenovo & ADESTIS
Lenovo delivers the future,
ADESTIS brings it to the cloud

In a rapidly evolving world, companies are challenged to keep up with the latest technology trends. Lenovo delivers the future – e.g. in server technology, edge or AI – ADESTIS brings these innovations to the cloud – namely in yours.

This strategic partnership combines Lenovo's leading technology in hardware with ADESTIS' extensive expertise in cloud solutions. Together, we enable companies to fully exploit the power of modern cloud infrastructures by seamlessly integrating advanced server solutions, edge computing and AI into their business processes.



State-of-the-art technologies - Ready at your Fingertips

Do you need state-of-the-art server and infrastructure solutions? Pre-configured, managed and operated in a highly secure environment? Connected to your on-premises or edge systems? Ready and scalable at the push of a button? The demands today are high – highly complex and highly dynamic.



Future – powered by Lenovo & ADESTIS

With Lenovo, ADESTIS has a strategic partner who is not just a simple hardware supplier. Lenovo delivers complete solutions in these areas

  • Server technology
  • Storage- and Datamanagement-Systems
  • Powerful Edge-Computing
  • AI for hybrid cloud and edge computing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Infrastructure solutions

and much more.

All of this is delivered with flexibility, security, and customization for the customer. ADESTIS unleashes this powerful capability, taking it to the next level – into the cloud, your very own cloud with ADESTIS.

With Lenovo's edge solutions, for example, your infrastructure not only grows with your requirements but also integrates seamlessly with ADESTIS cloud solutions. With these solutions and integrated edge computing, computing power is deployed exactly where it's needed – on-premise or in the cloud, blurring the boundaries.

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• Serverinfrastruktur

• Edge-Computing

• AI


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