At a glance
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Bottleneck –
or Strategy?
Companies often lack short-term resources, infrastructure and skills to operate complex IT applications and systems.
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Grow without restraints –
with scalable Cloud
The ADESTIS cloud offers the solution: infinitely scalable, technologically leading, secure and operated exclusively by ADESTIS specialist staff in Germany.
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Individual parameters –
sovereign data
Working with ADESTIS means unique freedom of choice in the cloud model, individually definable SLA, but above all, guaranteed data sovereignty.


What is your challenge?

Whether rapid scaling of applications, strategic consolidation of processes or „simply” bridging bottlenecks: many IT projects in companies are larger than the internal resources and skills available at short notice. The challenges range from hardware capacities to standards, certifications and licenses to data security. All of this in an already tense IT staffing situation. And then there is also a CAPEX budget missing? It's high time to think about cloud hosting.



What is and can the ADESTIS Cloud do?

As an infinitely scalable cloud, the ADESTIS Cloud always offers exactly the solution you need for your project - with three decisive advantages: 100% appropriate dimensioning, all-round worry-free operation and guaranteed data sovereignty.

Individual scaling, personal support – the cloud with a face

You can flexibly select all services and parameters - from the size of the RAM to the CPU - as needed and adjust them at any time. When it comes to „all-round carefree”: You can rely on a holistic service from conception, configuration and installation to operation and fault management. The ADESTIS Cloud is based on state-of-the-art technology from our partner VMware and is supported exclusively by top-qualified, multi-certified experts from ADESTIS. This way you always get a „Cloud with a face”.

Your data is yours – guaranteed

Your safety is particularly important to us. That's why the ADESTIS Cloud is distributed across multiple locations in Germany with x-fold redundancies, automatic fire fighting, secured access, automatic load balancing and more. We have also always taken a clear line when it comes to data sovereignty: your data stays in Germany. No questions asked.


For your decision:

What do you only get at ADESTIS?

At ADESTIS, only your strategic requirements count: The ADESTIS Cloud meets your needs even at short notice and, if desired, with individual SLA (Service Level Agreements).

Alternative to hyperscalers – for good reasons

Make the comparison yourself: Where else can you seamlessly combine public cloud, private cloud, multicloud and hybrid cloud - or even switch from one model to the other at short notice? Where can you get a holistic and personally managed „Managed Cloud” service at no additional cost – and who takes care of updates and licenses? Where else can you choose between simply configuring infrastructure and applications interactively in a self-service portal - or briefing your hosting provider to do so? Where else can you have the freedom of not having to choose an instance?

Add to all of this the original know-how of ADESTIS as a VMware Cloud-verified partner. Honestly, do you know of any comparable combination?

Private, Public, Hybrid, Multi:
When which cloud model?

With ADESTIS you can choose different cloud models, switch to a different model at any time or even combine models. But what is it actually about? An overview.

Private CloudDown Arrow


  • Complete solution individually tailored to your requirements
  • Tailor-made overall solution (hardware and software) with determination of the optimal locations
  • An exclusive bare metal cloud just for you
  • Alternatively: A full-service cloud
  • In any case, 100% dedicated resources

Your advantages

  • You are an exclusive user of dedicated resources – that creates maximum security
  • You will receive an optimal solution for absolutely every requirement
  • You concentrate on your core tasks – we take care of the rest
  • You don't have to invest – we do that for you (Capex vs. Opex)
  • You use the security and availability of professional data centers

Public CloudDown Arrow


  • ADESTIS Managed Public Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure
  • Design and build a public cloud architecture tailored to your needs
  • Monitor and adapt your environment to changing needs

Your advantages

  • You get much more than just infrastructure support
  • You get a managed public cloud solution that really meets your needs
  • Thanks to our support, you enjoy full cost transparency - even with otherwise often hidden costs, for example for I/O or network

Hybrid CloudDown Arrow


  • Mixed Hosting – On-premises at your place and at ADESTIS
  • Tailored to your needs – e.g. cooling, UPS etc. options for your critical applications
  • Flexible connection options – e.g. VPN, direct connection, MPLS or SD-WAN

Your advantages

  • You can expand your own resources individually
  • You can limit the solution flexibly
  • You benefit from professional support, operational reliability and availability

MulticloudDown Arrow


  • Distribution of your workload and applications across multiple clouds from different providers, which we manage for you from a single source
  • A combination of private cloud and public cloud is also possible
  • Additional security, for example by replicating business continuity applications in a second cloud; easy switching between clouds in the event of a problem
  • Full freedom of choice as to whether both clouds should be operated actively (Active-Active) or the second cloud should run as a pure backup or disaster recovery solution (Active-Passive)

Your advantages

  • You use the best of different cloud models („cherry picking“) and enjoy maximum fallback security
  • You are on the safe side if your company's compliance requirements dictate a multi-vendor strategy
  • You still don't have to communicate with different providers and „speak their language“ – ADESTIS is and remains your contact for all matters