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As you like it
You want to flexibly expand your own resources depending on your business requirements – the cloud should be just as variable.
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Location, time and
scope of your choice
The ADESTIS Hybrid Cloud not only combines cloud models, but is also completely open to your requirements.
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Orchestrated and secure
You benefit consistently from professional infrastructure, certified expertise, competent „managed” services and personal support.


Why Hybrid Cloud?

With various cloud models, almost every business situation and requirement can be precisely covered. And that’s exactly what makes the hybrid cloud so attractive. Because it relies on at least two clouds at the same time, usually in the combination Public Cloud and Private Cloud. For example, do you have to meet seasonal demand peaks that require appropriate computing and storage resources? We can then seamlessly expand your resources to include one or more clouds - combined and conveniently managed in the ADESTIS Hybrid Cloud.



All the flexibility in the world with a hybrid cloud from ADESTIS

In your partnership with ADESTIS, you rely on maximum flexibility and scalability: any cloud can be combined with any other, no matter where it is physically located. You can freely choose the period according to your requirements. Likewise, the type and scope of our „managed” solution – even technical parameters right down to the connection via VPN, direct connection, MPLS or SD-WAN.

In all of this, we manage your hybrid cloud “silently” and securely in the background via a uniform orchestration platform. You use your applications, we operate the clouds as a service. Of course with a seamless transition from one cloud to the other.


For your decision:


Take a minute to compare two models:

a) You have decided on a hybrid cloud and are orchestrating the public and private clouds it contains with your own resources. How much time do you have left for your core business?

b) You work closely with ADESTIS, place every conceivable individual requirement and can contact us 24/7 with requests and questions. When managing the solution, you rely on our decades of „native” cloud experience, professional support, operational security, availability and Business Continuity especially for critical applications. And our experts’ personal identification with your goals.

What does your inner decision maker say: a) or b)?