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Multi-Track Approaches
Whether for compliance reasons or to minimize risk, there are often good reasons to rely on multiple clouds.
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A Partner for Everything.
Even with a Multicloud, you don't have to worry about coordination – we manage all clouds and all providers for you from a single source.
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The secure multicloud
As an experienced hosting specialist, we ensure secure cloud operations and convenient Providing-as-a-Service.


Why Multicloud?

Multicloud – the name says what it’s all about: the parallel operation of at least two clouds from different providers. With a multicloud, for example, your business continuity applications can be replicated to a switchable second cloud to provide additional security for your critical applications.

Compliance guidelines that require a multi-vendor strategy also speak in favor of a multicloud. And a third example: Do you want to integrate functions from a provider's proprietary app into your own applications? Then you need to host it in the provider’s proprietary public cloud – in addition to your existing cloud solution.



The personally managed multicloud from ADESTIS

With multicloud you also benefit from the ADESTIS philosophy: „All freedom for you as a customer”. For example, you can choose whether both clouds should be operated actively (Active-Active) or whether the second cloud should run as a pure backup or disaster recovery solution (Active-Passive). Or you simply decide to use the best of different cloud models while enjoying maximum fallback security.

In any case, we relieve you of the effort of having to communicate with different providers and „speak their language”: ADESTIS is and remains your contact for all matters.


For your decision:


Quite simply: ADESTIS never leaves you alone with your decision. No matter which cloud from which provider belongs to your multicloud – we support your solution as a whole. With people who not only know the technology, but have also been working in partnership with the respective providers for years. People who know how to routinely and securely manage multiple clouds.

All of this based on the most modern, high-performance infrastructure in Germany - robustly equipped for the highest data and cyber security under all conceivable conditions. This is how we make your requirements our job. And the task of an all-round, worry-free solution for you.