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Cloud yes –
but please not public
Thanks to Sovereign Cloud, users with sensitive data can also benefit from the dynamics of the cloud – while ensuring full GDPR compliance.
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Leverage Benefits –
Maintain Control
The ADESTIS Sovereign Cloud meets the highest level of requirements for a sovereign cloud: 1. EU-wide compliance. 2. Data storage in Germany 3. Operation by a German company.
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Why pay CAPEX?
We not only take care of the hosting, but also the investments in a top infrastructure – your invoice only includes OPEX.


Why Private Cloud?

Cloud computing is an important option in a company's IT strategy for good reasons. How can you also benefit from all the advantages of the Cloud – combined with security and exclusivity at the level of a local infrastructure?

This is where the Private Cloud comes into play: the model in which you have dedicated physical infrastructure, software and operational resources.



ADESTIS Private Cloud

In contrast to the Public Cloud, the Private Cloud offers the same control and security as traditional on-premises infrastructures.

Thanks to physical exclusivity, you get bare metal, as the experts like to say. In a secure environment that is operated and maintained by ADESTIS - and ensures you full independence in terms of performance, security and compliance. Almost as if they were „your” servers inside your firewalls.

An overview of your advantages

  • Complete solution individually tailored to your requirements
  • Tailored overall solution (hardware and software) with determination of the optimal location.
  • An exclusive bare metal cloud just for you
  • Alternatively: A Full-Service-Cloud
  • In any case, 100% dedicated resources

For your decision:


Because with ADESTIS you always get the added value of individual advice and solutions that address every conceivable strategic objective. You tell us your vision and your policy - we do the rest. You only pay OPEX - we invest in technically leading infrastructure for you. You concentrate on your core tasks – we will personally take care of your solution with our highly qualified and motivated team. Do you know a hyperscaler that can keep up?