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Unleash resources
With a public cloud, you can scale your computing and storage capacity practically unlimitedly – especially for non-sensitive applications.
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More than just big
We open up the cloud power of hyperscalers – tailored to your requirements and your IT strategy.
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The ADESTIS factor
You will receive 100% individual advice, 100% flexibility and 100% cost transparency from us.


Why Public Cloud?

Do you regularly store large amounts of data that you don't access often? Do you want to scale up your own computing and storage capabilities in the short term (and scale down when necessary) without having to invest in additional infrastructure, administration and maintenance? Do you need an ad hoc virtual desktop that can be used from anywhere? These are just three examples of many that have one thing in common: the public cloud can provide a quick, pragmatic solution here.



More than a public cloud – the managed public cloud from ADESTIS

The ADESTIS public cloud is more than a quick way to bridge infrastructure bottlenecks - and more than a model for converting fixed into variable costs. It combines the practically inexhaustible capacity of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure with individual support from ADESTIS: not just cloud, but managed public cloud.

This starts with the design and creation of a public cloud architecture that is tailored to your needs. Which hyperscaler takes the time to do this and offers the same scalability - and at what real price? We also constantly keep an eye on the fact that your requirements can evolve: We know our customers - and offer them a quick, agile and individual response to new circumstances.


For your decision:


ADESTIS – these are people who analyze your task and develop the optimal solution. Fast, goal-oriented and completely flexible and scalable. Because we offer you the option to switch between the Public Cloud and Private Cloud models at any time, Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud as part of the ADESTIS Cloud – right up to a needs-based combination of several models. Always with the guarantee of 100% honesty and transparency with no hidden costs.