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Backup-as-a-Service is the safe and economical solution for medium security requirements to protect files and data from loss.
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58% Managed BaaS –
42% „Storage only“
According to a Veeam study from 2023, this is the distribution of BaaS users. With ADESTIS you have the freedom to choose between models in almost every individual form.
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Transparent, flexible, fair
With ADESTIS you only pay for what you really need – There are no „lock-ins“ or hidden costs with us.


When is a backup solution recommended?

Best of all, it never comes: the morning when your company finds itself without access to data or core applications relevant to success. If so, you should be sure that an orderly response will take place immediately. The more professional you are, the better you can minimize the damage.

Backup as a Service is usually recommended if your goals for speed and completeness of recovery are in the middle range. If you need your data much faster and the restored version must be much more recent, there is a lot to be said for a disaster recovery strategy. You can also find initial guidance on BaaS and DRaaS here.




From server redundancy to scalability, there is a lot to be said for delegating the time and resource-consuming aspects of a backup solution to a secure cloud.

With Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) from ADESTIS you get

  • A tailor-made all-round carefree package with carefully tested security architecture
  • Maximum security because your data is distributed across multiple locations - all with multiple redundancies in power and network connectivity, automatic fire suppression and secured access, among other things
  • Guaranteed retention of your data in Germany – compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Individual and scalable tailoring of your solution – from the on-premises basic package to fully managed BaaS; from simply providing backup storage to the conception, implementation and operation of complex backup strategies

For your decision:

Why ADESTIS? Make the cost/performance comparison

You benefit from our economies of scale and cost reduction as a provider of managed cloud hosting. Thanks to the free scalability, you only pay for what you really need at any time. Of course, we offer full transparency and the guarantee that there are no hidden or nebulous costs. In a nutshell: you often get the cheaper solution from ADESTIS.

You are the boss

Do you „just” need a secure storage solution to complement your on-site primary backup? Or a solution that we host completely in the cloud and monitor and manage 24/7 with guaranteed response times? In between, the entire range of concepts is possible. The only thing that matters is your requirements and capacities. And no matter what version of BaaS you book from ADESTIS – your storage administrator will appreciate the concentration on important core tasks.