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Valuable Synergies
If DevOps, then do it right: For developers (devs) and admins (ops) to really work together on the same level, you need real experts who really work together.
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ADESTIS as enabler
Benefit from our experts – we advise development teams comprehensively, from development through deployment to operation.
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Experience included
We manage your development environment and help, for example, to make your software cloud-native – whether in network, backup or security issues.


What do DevOps really need?

„You build it, You run it“ – Development teams in companies today are not only responsible for good code. Often, they are also interdisciplinary involved with the admins in the implementation and smooth operation. Hence the term DevOps – Development & Operations.

However, practice shows how complex the topic is. The most collaborative development environment – such as in Kubernetes – is only half the battle if questions like hardware, security, networks, and much more do not also rest on a common understanding between „Devs“ and „Ops“.



From Consulting and Support to Hosting

This is where the modular offer from ADESTIS comes in. It ranges from professional consulting and expert support to the operation of your development environment in the ADESTIS Cloud:

  • With our consulting services, we support you in setting up your pipelines while taking deployment and administration requirements into account.
  • If, for example, you are developing a SaaS solution in a managed Kubernetes environment from ADESTIS or maybe in a Multi-Cloud, we ensure that your software is „cloud native“ right from the start. By the way: In the VMware State of Kubernetes 2023 Report, 60% and 64% of respondents respectively affirm the positive effects of Kubernetes on development productivity and IT efficiency. But only with available capacity and experience.

For your decision:


Your development is accompanied by experts who have been operating clouds for over two decades and are always at the forefront of current technologies. Experts who not only know how to develop modern software but also understand what it takes to manage complex infrastructures. Not least, we are aware of the increasing pressure of security requirements and offer – together with our partner Avolens – absolutely leading solutions.